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Guide to Formentera

Guide to Formentera
Guide to Formentera

Guide to Formentera

Formentera, an idyllic island refuge, lies just off the coast of Ibiza and is only accessible by boat via the Ibiza mainland.  Depending on which boat you choose, and from where, it can take from thirty minutes to an hour to arrive. Attracting five times its population in tourists every year, Formentera is a renowned place of unspoilt beauty. Formentera is composed of many magnificent beaches which fly the ‘blue-flag’, a well-earned status meaning its Mediterranean sea is clear and clean. Beaches are Es Pujols, s’Espalmador, Llevant, Es Calo, Playa Migjorn, Cala Saona, La Svina, and Illetes.  Every beach, with the exception of Es Pujols, accepts nudity, the etiquette being to cover up before leaving the beach.

With the island having so many beaches, it is easy to feel secluded. Despite this, Formentera offers a wide range of activities. To appease the shopaholic, there is a variety of markets, boutiques, and stalls featuring local artisans who specialize in woodcraft, pottery, paintings and leatherwork, along with open-air café’s to satiate the thirst.

For boating and sport-fishing, chartered boats are available to be rented or chartered with or without crew. Some touring boats are even available, enabling you to explore covert caves, craggy cliffs and secret bays around the island where peaceful picnics and private swimming can be enjoyed in sheltered coves.

If you love nature, walks around the island are possible on coastal and country tracks, where one can explore the picturesque land awash in fig and pine trees, fields with wild flowers and rustic farmhouses, and winding roads leading to watch towers and windmills.

A musical hotspot, Formentera’s music scene, although traditional, takes influence from 60s and 70s rock music, with which it evolved into a unique brand of flamenco, rock, blues, and jazz. Big bands of the moment are Formentera Guitars, Fourmenterrors, Blues Connotation, Aires Formenterencs, and Spioks. Concerts and fiestas are held throughout the year. Similar to the bloc parties of hip-hop held in Ney York, early 70s, these concerts held the village squares are alight with dancing and merriment, making for a magical experience.

For fun, try windsurfing, sailing on the beaches of Es Pujols and Migjorn which offer windsurfing courses, or perhaps try tennis at the San Fransisco tennis club. Taking a more leisurely pace, you can try diving and snorkeling, seeing amazing marine wildlife in its natural habitat.

While many people view Formentera as just a place with great beaches, it offers so much more, with a variety of things to do and see. Jules Verne wrote a novel based there, taken aback by its tranquility and beauty. Be prepared to be spell-bound in your own island paradise. 

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